Mobile App Design Studio


Landlordy is property management app for landlords in the smartphone world. Always with you in your pocket, integrated with iPhone/iPad camera and connectivity fatures, simpler and easier to use than creating and managing Excel files.
  • Prepare and send rent invoices to tenants
  • Track expenses, rent payments and tenant balance
  • Keep information and photos organised
  • Instant financial reports


DrinkControl tracks and converts your alcohol intake such as glasses, bottles or cans, into the standard units of alcohol, to let you know when you are going over the moderate drinking guidelines as well as how much you have spent on drinks.
  • Know you drinking limits
  • Easily track drinks you have consumed
  • Understand how much you spend on alcohol
  • Get daily/weekly/monthly statistics and infographs app is popular Latvian online magazine publishing articles, essays, video interviews, prose/poetry and reviews of books, movies, theater performances, concerts and exhibitions. Satori mobile app is the best way to enjoy magazine on iPhone and iPad.
  • Read articles and watch interviews
  • Take part in discussions with your comments
  • Get schedule of upcoming cultural events
  • Add event to your calendar with a single touch